About Me

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the internet. 

I'll be posting bookish bits and pieces on here including reviews, booksta tips and tricks, outings, and maybe some random stuff that's on my mind. 

Anyway... Is there anything more awkward than having to introduce yourself to the internet? To try and make it a bit more digestible (and easy to write), here are some facts about me:
  • I was born and raised in London
  • My middle name is Bee. As in bumble. Not short for anything
  • Now I'm in my thirties I keep conveniently forgetting my age (I'm 33ish)
  • I studied History at Manchester Uni (with modules in English Lit & History of Art)
  • I love to dance with the London School of Hula and Ori. It makes me feel like a real life Moana
  • I am a proud crazy cat lady with zero cats (currently, but I had 5 growing up)
  • I hate flying, but love to travel (Valium is my favourite flying companion)
  • I drink about 10 cups of tea a day (lots of milk, no sugar)
  • Typical Libra
  • Enneagram 4 (I think. Still not 100% sure what it is)
  • Japanese and YA fiction lover
I'm sure I'll share more along the way, but this is your starter pack!

Emma xxx

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